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Long Drinks // Craft Spirit

We are the Longflint Drinks Co. from Tottenham.

We handmake our range of tonics, seltzers & sodas before matching them with gin, rum, vodka or mezcal from our favourite craft spirits producers.

For example our Hibiscus, Gin Tonic is made by cold brewing whole hibiscus flowers for three hours before blending with our house tonic #2. House tonic #2 is made to accentuate the acids you find in pear and apples as opposed to citrus fruit so that is goes brilliantly with the acidity that the hibiscus brew brings. We then match that with East London Liquor's London Dry Gin for a G&T experience you definitely won't  find anywhere else!

Want to try some? There are some links below to buy online or contact sales@longflint.com for stockist enquiries.

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