An Evening of Cheese & Cocktails... (Need We Say More)

Continuing with our summer of fun, workshops at our Rivington Street residency have kicked off in absolute swinging style. On Tuesday, we welcomed Holly from Wine & Rind, who came to the Longflint Bar armed with an assortment of delicious cheeses, artisan crackers, and quince past for us to enjoy. As you can expect, we also had a different Long Drink to pair perfectly with each cheese. 

But beyond the cheese and cocktails, we learned how to pair flavour notes together, got up all close and personal with some cheese rinds through a magnifying glass (turns out cheese looks even more delicious when magnified) and gave Picasso a run for his money with our creative drawings of cows and goats. We even learned about how mezcal is made and tasted some organic vodka!

All in all, it was a fun night filled with delicious food and alcohol. Check out the photos below for a little behind the scenes action.

Ps. Never fear! We have TWO MORE cheese and cocktail nights that you can snag tickets to for £30. 

Click here to purchase tickets for Tuesday, July 17

Click here to purchase tickets for Tuesday, July 24