Longflint At London Craft Beer Festival 2018

Here at Longflint, we've always been passionate about championing our craft beer friends. It should come as no surprise - considering our own very humble beginnings in the industry - that we ventured off to London Craft Beer Festival last weekend. 

Now you might be thinking, cocktails aren't the same as beer. What were you doing at a beer festival? Don't get us wrong, we still love the old hoppy beverage, but sometimes you don't always want a beer, and that's where we like to come in. Craft beer is delicious, innovative and easy as pie when it comes to cracking open a cold one at a summer picnic in London Fields. We like to think that we bring the same essence to cocktails. 

So over three days last week, we were busy providing the non-beer goods to all the Craft Beer Festival goers, handing out flyers in the street, and getting our boogie on next to the DJ stage. As one might expect, it was a lot of fun. Keep scrolling to see some images from the day.