Team Longflint: Meet Bella

Who are you, what do you do… all those basic questions.

I’m Bella. I do a little bit of sales, a dash of marketing, sometimes sponsorships, training and educating our amazing stockists and more recently, the office dog mother. I heard along the grapevine that James, our co-founder, was doing cool sh*t and I knew I wanted to be involved… and now I’ve been here for six months.

What is your favourite Long Drink?

Mezcal fo-sho. Closely followed by our Ginger and Rum Fuego.

When you’re not at LFHQ, what are you doing?

I’m into boozy brunch dinner parties right now. Picture a Bloody Mary, eggs benedict, jazz and newspapers.

Who is your ultimate celebrity pass?

Steve Irwin. I was really into the crocodile hunter growing up, and when I found out he was married, I actually stopped watching the show for two weeks in protest. When I could finally buy a piece of commissioned art, I got a portrait of Steve done. It now hangs up above my bed. My boyfriend loves it… not.

What excites you most about working with Team Longflint?

The opportunity it brings to have a puppy in my arms, and to be able to call it work!