New Longflint on-trade listings announced #newsrelease

The Longflint Drinks Co. from Bethnal Green in East London have announced a listing of its craft bottled cocktails with the Brewhouse and Kitchen group and 22 Fullers City and Craft pubs across London and the South East.

The craft beer boom has created a difficult question for operators of specialist pubs serving that audience - if you rightly focus your staff training on beer and cider what happens to your cocktail offering? According to The Independent, one-fifth of drinkers choose a cocktail when heading to a British pub or bar, it is clearly a product option that can’t be ignored.

Whilst there have been pre-mixed and bottled cocktail offerings in the past, Longflint believe they are the first company who offer a range of drinks for the craft beer educated customer.

Co-founder James Law says “We come from a craft beer background, so everything we do follows that ethos. From cold brewing hibiscus flowers for our ruby-red Hibiscus, Gin Tonic to collaborating with local artists for our beautiful artwork and sourcing the best local craft spirits producers to use in all of our drinks. We exist to give people better things to drink if they happen to be not drinking beer.”

Matt Priesenger, Head of Marketing at Brewhouse and Kitchen comments, “Longflint's range of bottled cocktails are a great addition to the Brewhouse and Kitchen line up of craft drinks. They taste and look fantastic, and because they use local craft spirits and are ready to serve, it’s a great way to give our customers a top-quality offering during those really busy sessions”.

To support these new types of listing, Longflint has invested over £40,000 in bespoke point of sale light box menus. Law says “Our light box menus are a great way of communicating a full cocktail offering to a venue’s customers. Our rate of sale is fantastic with them installed and we’re hearing from managers that guests with mixed groups of beer and non-beer drinkers will stay in a venue longer now that we’re an option”.