Team Long Flint: Meet Jordan

Who are you, what do you do… all those basic questions.

I'm Jordan, the sales manager for Longflint. Essentially, I head sales team here at LFHQ supporting Bella and Lydia, look after our national customers, and create the sales strategy. I live and breathe sales 100%. Due to the nature of Longflint being a startup, I do a little bit more than just selling our product, sometimes you might just see me setting up one of our light boxes.

What’s your favourite Long Drink?
I would have to say, the rhubarb and vodka seltzer is probably my favourite as it's perfect to drink in most occasions.

When you’re not at LFHQ, what are you doing?

I'm very active outside of work. Football, gym, I'm not so good at golf but I play anyway. I like to save the alcohol for when I’m working.

If you weren’t working in the industry, what would you be doing?

Pro footballer. Boring, but wouldn't mind earning 200K a week (hint, hint James).

What excites you most about working with Team Longflint?

The potential of what we are doing in a category that has been neglected for so long.