Team Longflint: Meet Lydia

Who are you, what do you do… all those basic questions.

I’m Lydia. I am an account manager for Longflint - so I visit our lovely stockists and makes sure that everyone is being looked after, whilst also looking for new opportunities.


What’s your favourite Long Drink?

Rose Hip Gin & Tonic. I think it’s a funky twist on a traditional G&Ts, which is my usual go to. 


When you’re not at LFHQ, what are you doing?

Binge-watching Netflix. I’ve just started watching Breaking Bad, Orange Is The New Black. I also really love to bake. I make a mean triple-choc brownie…

(we think Lydia needs to start bringing these into the office for us)


Who is your ultimate celebrity pass?

Tom Hardy - Have you seen his face?


Where is your favourite spot in London for a drink?

My local, The Old Red Lion. They don’t stock Longflint… yet ;)


What excites you most about working with Team Longflint?

The excitement of watching a product that is genuinely cool expand in the industry. And watching people get excited and passionate about the quality and love that goes into our drinks.