Training At The Sail Loft

Learning and educating is really important to us here at Longflint (just in case you didn’t get the memo from our branding). Every time we begin working with a new stockist, part of our onboarding process is to go out to the venue and educate their staff on all things Longflint.

It’s a part of the job that we really love, especially when other people taste our drinks and get excited about what we do - because we’re pretty excited, too.

On Friday we headed out to The Sail Loft in Greenwich to meet with the bartenders and staff. We spent 40 minutes explaining the Longflint story, discussing drink presentation, learning about how we brew and create our drinks, and of course, tasting all of our products!

We brought our new little mascot, Juno, with us who was an absolute treat!

Take a little peek into our day.