We are hiring - head of production

Longflint is hiring.

As you probably know, we come from a beer background but now we make a range of Natural Botanical Handmade Craft Drinks - each of which is made in collaboration with one of our favourite craft spirits producers.

For example, our Cold Brewed Hibiscus Flower, Gin and Tonic is made in collaboration with East London Liquor’s London Dry Gin.

You’ll find us on sale at Beavertown’s tap room, in Selfridges, in Mother Kelly’s and around 200 other places across the South East and beyond.

Everything we make starts with the hunt for the best raw materials to which we apply innovative production methods so that we can extract the maximum flavour from them.

Processes like macerating, cold brewing, hot simple syrup making and natural fermentation (this last one is mainly for NPD at the moment, but we’re hoping to re-use various ingredients for a second time to reduce waste).

Either way, you will spend your time ensuring production runs like a dream - working from our lovely arch in Bethnal Green, East London. Each batch we make is by hand and requires a laser focus on consistency, quality and HACCP control. We don’t bottle on site, so you’ll need to be great at working off-site with our contract teams - communication with them is critical. You’ll be running the supply chain too - sourcing new ingredients and working with suppliers to get the good stuff! Then you’ll manage the ongoing procurement of those ingredients to make sure everything is in the right place at the right time (ingredients yes, but the other stuff like bottles and labels too).

The really fun stuff comes when we’re in NPD mode - our drinks really are different and there’s no rulebook for what we do. How do you get the best out of cold brewed tea. How can we make sure vinegar shrubs work well over the shelf life of the product when combined with other ingredients. There's a good chance you’ll be working at the edge of your knowledge and will need to love the hunt for new methods and the adaptation of existing industry research.

In a nutshell, this is a fascinating role and the right candidate should have bags of fun.

Experience: at least 2 years in a drinks production role. Salary: between £30k and £37.5k

Please send a CV and covering letter and include a description of your favourite bar and your favourite drink to hi@longflint.com - subject HEAD OF PRODUCTION APPLICATION

Thanks for reading.